Evans Social Habits for Nursery Schools 2


Evans Social Habits for Nursery Schools is specially written to enable the
pupils to:
• adjust to the social habits of their society;
• know simple greetings;
• learn correct behaviour at home, at school, at play, etc;
• obey simple instructions, identify objects and so on;
• respect themselves and others;
• play and share with others;
• learn table manners;
• be honest, truthful and fair;
• take care of their property and that of others;
• identify and respect the national flag, and recite the pledge and the national
• be fair and helpful to others, especially the handicapped;
• be appreciative of people who protect and care for them and others;
• develop interest in dancing, music and beauty;
• know religious places and learn appropriate behaviour in such places;
• know about workers in the neighbourhood and what they do to contribute to
the society.
Social habits are not only meant to be learnt by pupils, but they must also live by
them every day.