The Corporate Teachers


The ever changing pattern of our value system has adversely affected teachers and learners. Many students taught over the years have become successful criminals who cheat on people. Sadly, teachers who are custodians of education and once students are also loosing focus and becoming renegades of this noble profession. And, as a steadfast educator, it is either you watch things as they are or take action to save the situation from filth.

This book, in order to conform with corporate ideals, provides tools to renew the past, activate the present; breaking barriers and limitations imposed by the environment. Periodically, it involves and evolves; reminding you of what inspires your teaching career and be what you ought to be as a teacher.

This compelling book shares the artistry of the author’s rich experiences as an artist and on educator who cherished experimenting divergently with children and materials, bringing practical help to a better understanding of teaching and learners.

And, above all, the book mirrors the unique and worthy credentials of Olu Olofin Esq; a teaching principal of note who reflects the title and its content. It is simply illuminating!