A Journey Foretold


This first Memoir of Amiel Modupc Fagbulu spans a period of six decades; from 1926-1986. The journey is not only about the uncanny and highly thrilling life story of a man that has made a great impact in educational development in Nigeria, but also of the great men who have made remarkable contributions to education in Nigeria from pre-independence to post-independence Nigeria, and whose paths had at one time or the other crossed that of Amiel.
Students’ life and the attendant challenges decades ago are seen essentially through the class of ’39 at King’s College, Lagos. Amiel’s involvement in educational management journey led to his encounter with Idi Amin of Uganda in 1971. In book publishing, his path crossed that of the renowned writer, D. O. Fagunwa and Joop Berkhout, the then Managing Director of Evans Nigeria. His defence of his historical and daring education reform in the presence of Chief qbafcmi Awolqwq, his clarifications to Samuel Ladoke Akintqla on examination leakages, the involvement of qba qlatcru qlagbcgi II, the qlqwq of qwq in his family affairs are also parts of his remarkable sixty years journey.