Ireke Onibudo


Ireke Onibudo is a frightening inspiring story of a character whose early life was beclouded by a plethora of vicissitudes and a deluge of suffering and intimidation from human and non-human forces. His father’s matrimonial and financial recklessness actually threw him into a precarious condition; but by a dint of industry, tenacity and bravery, he was able to establish a transition from a deep pit of deprivation and poverty to a rostrum of royalty and podium of prosperity.
In-between his experience of negativity and positivity were several intimidating encounters with human, semi-human and non-human benefactors and malefactors who made him a victim of appointments, disappointments, endorsements and denials. All these encounters no doubt sharpened his metamorphosis from a state of abject poverty to a condition of fabulous wealth and royalty in a land that is alien to him and his pedigree.