The Criminal Law In Nigeria (CASED)


The book, Criminal Law in Nigeria, is an encompassing text with all the relevant issues-contemporary and recent trends in Criminal Law. The sixteen-chapter book is divided into six parts, and it considers the general principles of criminal law and criminal liabilities. it deals against with offences against property, against the person and the State. It covers recent trends in criminal law like euthanasia, terrorism, cybercrimes, environmental crimes; etc. The text employs extensive use of relevant and recent cases, with the facts of the cases well stated out to explain the law. The explanatory style adopted by the authors makes the book a valuable resource material which is reader-friendly to students, a companion to practitioners, and a reference book for judges. It is unique in its presentations of Criminal Law.

The book, Criminal Law in Nigeria, is a text written by two experts in Criminal Law, one of whom is a renowned professor of Criminal Law and Criminology and a seasoned administrator while the other is a notable author and a distinguished jurist of the High Court.

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