Asusu Igbo Di Uto O!


The author, Olachi Madu is a quality focused, result-oriented and highly motivated educator with thirty years of combined teaching and corporate experience in governmental and entrepreneurial settings both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom (UK).

She has had a wide and varied experience of teaching at all levels of the education system in the two countries. The experiences ranged from early childhood to Primary through Secondary an up to a Tertiary level of Education. In addition to teaching, she has been responsible for leading, coordinating and managing:

  1. Early Years training
  2. Various UK curriculum areas
  3. Ethnic minority, multi-cultural and multi-lingual provisions and set-ups in London Schools

She is currently an International Independent Educational Consultant developing and building up the curricular and administrative set-up of a private Universal Basic Education School in Abuja, Nigeria. She has a passion to transfer our native language and culture to the future generation. The purpose of this book is to expose the Igbo Language to children whose parents are interested in the language and culture.