Evans Physical and Health Education Primary 6


Physical and Health Education for Primary Schools Books 1—6 series is structured in accordance with the newly approved NERDC Basic Education Curriculum for Physical and Health Education.

Concepts, activities and methodologies are adequately used to whet pupils’ appetite in the study of the subject.

Each book in the series is qualitatively designed using clear and simple language, combined with highly colourful and descriptive illustrations.

There is a smooth progression from one year to another. This ensures that topics are effectively explained.

The series specifically aims at providing and supporting a solid foundation for the physical, mental and health development of pupils.

In addition to the Pupil’s Books are the Workbooks and the Teacher’s Guides.

The Teacher’s Guides are prepared to guide teachers in teaching the subject.

The books are written by seasoned and experienced teachers of Physical and Health Education at various levels of education.