Twilight for a Vulture

Imka the vulture cannot find food in the forest; neither can he see any other vulture. He sets out for the city where he finds so many vultures. There is food in the city when Imka arrives. But there is also death. Sakko, Imka’s friend, falls into a trap and dies of hunger and misery in the grind of desolation. Later, food also forsakes the city, and Imka together with two other vultures, set out for Parsee country where they hope to find food only to be overtaken by blight and ruination on the way.

Born 24th Sept. 1965, Kyuka Lilymjok hails from Bafai-Kanai. He is a professor of law and lectures at the Faculty of Law Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other published novels of the author include: Hope in Anarchy, The World Conference in Heaven, My Letter to the Devil, and Tales of Tartarus.

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