The Dark Star North

Pristine and unpolluted, the earth is the green star north to spirit beings in Kenon two planets away from the earth. When the earth gets polluted and defiled losing its green colour that improves the sights of spirit beings in Kenon, the earth turns dark and is now called the dark star north by the spirit beings. When spirit beings led by Jerol set out to stop pollution and degradation of the earth by humans, it seems catastrophe is let loose and there is no hope of recovery for the earth – the dark star north.

Born 24th Sept. 1965, Kyuka Lilymjok hails from Bafai-Kanai. He is a professor of law and lectures at the Faculty of Law Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other published novels of the author include: The Old Woman and the Birds, The Deportee, The Fall of Heaven, and Twilight for a Vulture.

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