Evans Agricultural Science for Primary School 4


Evans (Pre-vocational Studies) Agricultural Science for Primary Schools 4 to 6 is a series written to arouse pupils’ interest in agriculture and maximize the unique potential of each pupil. The series meets the requirements of the 9-year Basic Education Curriculum by NERDC.

The following features make the series unique: Use of simple language for easy understanding and assimilation of the topics treated

Basic agricultural concepts and skills are taught using stepby- step approach for easy understanding.

Illustrated with high quality pictures to further aid pupils in the learning process

Revision exercises are provided at the end of each module to aid pupils’ self-assessment and mastery of the subject.

Each module is provided with a summary for quick revision of the essential facts.

Teacher’s Guide to assist teachers in preparing their lessons for effective teaching

Workbooks for teachers and pupils to use in evaluating the teaching-learning outcomes at the end of each module

The series is written by seasoned agricultural science experts who have painstakingly treated each topic in a way pupils will understand.