Evans Modular Christian Religious Studies Primary 4


Evans Modular Christian Religious Studies Books 1-6 are revised in line with the new NERDC 9-year Basic Education Curriculum for primary schools. The series is written by experienced authors who have made use of the following outstanding features:
•The themes centre on the existence of God and His ability to create, provide, protect, help and care for His creations.
•Contents are mainly set to familiarise pupils with the concept of communicating and having personal relationships with God.
•The christian principles are introduced through biblical stories in very simple language and manner to teach didactic lessons.
•Lessons are organised into modules. Each module is broken down into subdivisions namely: objectives, prayer, points to remember, moral lessons and memory verse to facilitate teaching and learning processes for teachers and pupils.
•Moral lessons are extracted from each module to inculcate good character, behaviour and morals in the young minds.
•Memory verses are provided at the end of each module to intimate pupils with the Bible through constant memorisation.
•Copious, relevant and brightly illustrated pictures are used to create a mental picture of the facts and the morals learnt, hence internalising them in the life of the children. These illustrations also help to arouse and captivate the interest of pupils to read the text.
•Use of simple language and vocabulary for easy assimilation.
•Interesting activities such as singing, acting, drawing, recitation are incorporated, and exercises are provided to test the overall knowledge of the lessons taught in each module.
•Workbook is provided for each book to facilitate teachers’ evaluation of the teaching-learning outcomes at the end of each chapter.
•Teachers’ Guides are also provided to assist teachers in preparing their lessons to enhance teaching in class.