Evans Christian Religious Studies for JSS 2


Evans Christian Religious Studies for JSS 1-3 is a series revised in line with the new NERDC 9-year curriculum. The series is designed to achieve the following aims:
• Bring the youth up in the Christian way
• Help them develop a good relationship with God and fellow human beings through biblical and moral lessons
• Groom them to be responsible adults in the society.
The series has the following outstanding qualities:
• Narration of the topics, moral lessons, class activities, essay and objective questions in each chapter
• Use of illustrations and examples from students’ environment to aid learning and teaching processes
• Moral lessons at the end of each chapter to direct and encourage students to apply them in their day-to-day interaction with people
• Summary of the lessons taught in each chapter for fast revision
• Revision questions are provided at the end of each chapter for students’ self assessment. Answers are also provided at the back of each book
• Workbooks to assist teachers assess the teaching-learning efforts in the classroom
• A Teacher’s Guide to assist teachers in preparing their lessons and improving their teaching skills.

The series is carefully written by experienced educationists in higher institutions of learning.