Evans Computer Science for SSS 1


Evans Computer Science for Senior Schools series is the much expected solution to the difficult teaching of Computer Science in Secondary Schools. Gone were the days when students were taught computer from a highly rigid, non-curriculum-based angle, making the subject most unappealing to students.

The solution to this series is the introduction of Evans Computer Science for Senior Schools, which simplifies the teaching approach of the subject based on the newly introduced Basic Education Computer Science curriculum.

Each book in this series is qualitatively designed and the explanations are in clear, simple language. The books also contain highly colourful and descriptive illustrations to enable students learn at a steady pace, as they explore the fascinating world of computers. There is a smooth progression from one year to the other, such that no detail is left untouched.

With the diligent use of the series, secondary school students will be fully equipped to face the more advanced aspects of Computer Science which are taught at the tertiary level.