Evans Government for SSS 1


The book is a series of three books specially written for students of Government at Senior Secondary levels based on the Basic Education Curriculum for Senior Secondary Schools.

The Series is comprehensive in the coverage of syllabus. It is written in simple, clear  and lucid language to facilitate students’ understanding of the subject. Illustrative diagrams and pictures are used where relevant to enhance student’s understanding.

The greatest merit of the books lies in their detailed itemization which makes it easy for quick recall of points during examinations. Above all, the series is unique by providing at the end of each chapter and simple examination questions, which students can solely rely upon during revision for an examination.

Students doing private studies would benefit immensely since the authors, as seasoned teachers, have put their interest into consideration. The series is also an invaluable introduction for students of the colleges of education of education, the polytechnics and the universities.

The books are written by experiences teachers and examiners in Government.