Evans/NERDC Cosmetology SSS 2


Evans Cosmetology for Senior Secondary Schools 1-3 introduce the subject of cosmetology to senior secondary school students in Nigeria with the purpose of training them on all areas of cosmetology. The books are enriched with topics that cut across cosmetology in its entirety dealing with issues pertaining to beauty from head to toe.

The books, being the first of its kind in the educational system, are a timely innovation since emphasis on making our educational curricula practice-based on subjects related to entrepreneurship is of major concern to help secondary school leavers become self reliant and innovative after their secondary school education. The knowledge and ideas that these books present cannot be gained by just enrolling in salon.

Practical exercises based on the subject are included to reinforce the theories taught. Real life photographs are used lavishly to make the books come alive while summary, questions and answers at the end of each chapter are provided to drive home the points.

These all-inclusive books will be useful for our secondary school students to direct and establish them to become successful cosmetologists, out-of-school salon owners and practitioners, people who plan to set up schools of cosmetology, and the general public.

The books are a very valuable material that will aid in the study of entrepreneurship.