Evans Physical & Health Education for JSS 2


Physical and Health Education for Junior Secondary Schools Books 1—3 are written to meet the requirements of the newly approved NERDC Basic Education Curriculum for Physical and Health Education.

  • The books achieve an excellent blend of theory and practical in conformity with the nature of the subject matter. The theory explains the basic concepts underlying Physical and Health Education. The practical activities demonstrate various skills needed to be mastered by participation and practice through numerous and colourful illustrations in the books.
  • The books are commendable integration of graded knowledge and functional methodologies.
  • They are written in simple language, and are based on carefully thought out format designed to make them self-sufficient for classwork and homework.
  • In addition to the Student’s Books are the Workbooks and the Teacher’s Guides.
  • Practice exercises in the Student’s Books are for student’s self assessment and to consolidate their learning.
  • The Workbooks are prepared for students’ continuous assessment.
  • The Teacher’s Guides are prepared to guide teachers in teaching the subject.
  • The books are written by seasoned and experienced teachers of Physical and Health Education at various levels of education.