Evans Basic Technology for JSS 3


Evans Basic Technology JSS 1-3
Technology is an essential tool for national development, as well as an instrument for preparing the youth to face the unfolding challenges of the modern world. We should not only be content with enjoying the fruits of modern technology, but we should also try to understand and appreciate what technology is, so as to adapt it to our environment and improve on it for the benefit of our nation.
Thus Basic Technology for Junior Secondary Schools series aims at introducing students to technology and stimulating their interest in the subject right from the beginning of their secondary school education.
The series has the following distinguishing features:
•The series is written in full compliance with the new NERDC 9-year Basic Education Curriculum.
•It is filled with relevant, colourful and instructive images which are targeted at whetting the appetite of students in the subject.
•Each chapter ends with a summary of all that is taught in it and has relevant exercises in different forms such as Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Gap Questions and Essay Questions.
•There are practical activities based on the use of materials obtained from students’ immediate environment.
•The series is written by seasoned teachers and technologists with decades of experience in teaching the subject at secondary and tertiary education levels.
•In addition to the Student’s Book are the Workbook and the Teacher’s Guide. The Workbook assists the teachers in the continuous assessment of the students while the Teacher’s Guide is specifically prepared to closely guide the teacher in teaching the subject.