Modular Mathematics for Primary Book 2


Evans Modular Mathematics for Primary Schools, Books 1-6, is a comprehensive Primary Mathematics Series that has been revised in conformity with the new NERDC 9-year Basic Education Curriculum. The books in this series are designed to make the learning and teaching of Mathematics easy, interesting, functional, and relevant to the needs of pupils in order for them to:

– Develop and sustain their interest in Mathematics.

– Rapidly acquire mathematical literacy.

– Develop the essential elements of problem solving, reasoning and connection with mathematical principles.

– Understand and apply the mathematical skills and concepts learnt in the classroom to their everyday activities.

To achieve these objectives, the authors of the series have applied the following principles and strategies in the writing of the books:

  • Use of very simple language
  • Use of objects and events relevant to the pupils’ environment
  • Use of attractive and brilliant illustrations
  • Progression from the simple to the complex
  • Review of previous concept(s) treated at the beginning of the subsequent one
  • Numerous worked examples to illustrate each topic and sub-topic
  • Introduction of Teaching Guide(s) in each module of this latest edition of the pupils’ books to help parents, older siblings and teachers effectively coach pupils with this series
  • Numerous graduated practice exercises for pupils to consolidate their knowledge
  • Answers to the practice exercises are provided for pupils’ self evaluation.
  • Review exercises are given at the end of each term’s work.
  • Each book has a Workbook for teacher’s continuous assessment of pupils’ progress and to determine if there is need for extra work.

·The series also has a Teacher’s Guide to help teachers prepare their lessons for effective teaching. Conscientious use of these books by pupils and teachers will make Mathematics the most interesting subject in the school. Hence, it is recommended for all Nigerian primary schools.