Nelson Business Studies for Jss 3


NERDC/Nelson Business Studies Books 1-3 are a series revised in line with the new NERDC curriculum.

The series explores components of business subjects which include Office Practice, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing/Keyboarding, Commerce and Computer Studies.

The series is developed to provide the following:

*Provision of vocational study that offers specialised training for students and those who plan to make a living as office workers

*An appropriate pedestal for students and those who wish to set up their own businesses in future

*Basic knowledge of business education, i.e. principles and practices that prepare those who wish to work in a business enterprise or establish and manage their own businesses

*Prerequisite knowledge in office practice as well as the use of scientific and technology based equipment, e.g. computer

*Acquisition of skills that impact positively on the national economy

*Bridging individuals’ differences in academic abilities and reducing the rate of school dropouts.

The topics discussed are well-illustrated with practical examples and activities to facilitate inquiry and individual/class projects which help students’ self-assessment and teacher’s evaluation. The books are complemented with Workbooks and Teacher’s Guides for effective teaching and learning outcomes.