Evans Information Technology for JSS 3


Evans Information Technology for JSS 1-3 is a series revised in compliance with the newly revised NERDC 9-year Basic Education Curriculum. It is the much expected solution to problems faced by teachers in the teaching of Information Technology in secondary schools. The series has the following outstanding features:

  • Each book in the series is qualitatively designed with explanations in clear and simple language.
  • They contain highly colourful, relevant and descriptive illustrations to make the learning of complex technical concepts interesting and very easy to understand.
  • There is a smooth progression from one year to another, such that no detail is left out.
  • Each chapter in the series contains a summary of all the main points discussed to help students in revision.
  • Numerous multiple choice questions, structured questions, and essay questions are given at the end of each chapter to facilitate students’ self-evaluation. Answers are also provided at the end of the books.
  • The series has Workbooks to assist teachers in evaluating the outcome of the teaching-learning process for each chapter.
  • There is also a Teacher’s Guide which is specially prepared to assist teachers in the preparation of their lessons and to teach effectively in the classroom.
  • The authors are experienced and seasoned teachers of Information Technology in Secondary Schools, Technical Colleges and Universities.