Nelson Mathematics for Primary Schools Pupil’s Book 5


Nelson Mathematics for Primary Schools Books 1-6 is a series written by experienced educationalists who have the interest of both teachers and pupils in mind in compliance with the new Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) curriculum .
This new series has two cardinal objectives:
• To make Mathematics very interesting, enjoyable and captivating to young brains that are formally being introduced to Mathematics for the first time, using a lot of illustrations, familiar objects which they play with and play learning techniques.
• To equip pupils, from an early age, with the basic knowledge of Mathematics .
These objectives are achieved through the following:
*use of simple, clear and explicit language
*interesting, exciting and captivating step-by-step method of introducing each lesson to pupils
*numerous worked examples and exercises for pupils so as to enhance the effectiveness of each concept taught
* colourful illustrations and cartoons to draw pupils’ attention to the topics treated
* classroom activities are presented as practical lessons to familiarise pupils with topics treated.
* quantitative reasoning practice for pupils as an extra mental exercise, apart from the normal exercises and graduated exercises.
* a mini teaching guide to give teachers an insight into what is to be taught under each lesson.
* answers to the practice exercises and quantitative reasoning which are provided to facilitate pupils’ self evaluation.
* Workbooks for the teacher to use in evaluating the teaching-learning outcome at the end of each unit.
* Teacher’s Guides to assist teachers in preparing their lessons for effective teaching.
Proper use of this series by pupils and teachers will not only make the teaching and learning of Mathematics easy, but will also make it most exciting. Hence, it is recommended to all Nigerian primary schools.