The Theory and Practice of International Economic Law

This book is on international economic law, and as such unavoidably examines international economic institutions which to some extent determine the content and character of international economic law- the IMF, the World Bank, OECD, OPEC, the Paris and London Clubs of Creditors, the G8 and G20, regional economic blocs and other economic institutions. International economic law principles like the Most Favoured Nation principle, National Treatment Standard, rules of origin, free trade, foreign investment, loans and sundry other issues are examined by the text showing how the interest of developed nations and financial institutions sound through these legal issues. The book interrogates international economic law than is commonly the case with mainstream texts on the subject.

Definition, Nature, Sources, History and Subjects of International Economic Law. The Doctrine of State Sovereignty over Natural Resources and the History of Economic Relationship between Developed and Developing Nations. The IMF and the World Bank.  The GATT and WTO.  Paris, London Club of Creditors and the Washington Consensus.  Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. United Nations Economic and Social Council and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. International Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law.  The Group of Seven, Group of Twenty and BRICS Countries.  European Union. Economic Community of West African States.  North American Free Trade Agreement.  Association of South-East Asian Nations. The New International Economic Order. Trade under the New International Economic Order.  Carriage of Goods by Sea Law and Incoterms.  The Theory of Foreign Investment under the New International Economic Order. Slave Trade and the Right to Reparation for Slavery under International Law. Theology of Development under the New International Economic Order and Debts.  Most Favoured Nation Principle and Globalization of Trade. National Treatment Standard. Globalization of Production and Rules of Origin.  IMF Quotas and Drawing On the IMF.   The Workings of the New International Economic Order through the Trinity of Trade, Loans and Foreign Investment.  Trade, Investment and the Globalization of Finance, Goods and Services.  Corporate Social Responsibility and the Protection of Foreign Investment.  International Trade Law, Health and Environmental Protection.  Competition and Anti-Trust Law.  Corporate Capital on the Rampage: Did Salomon v. Salomon Deliver A Monster?

Adamu Kyuka Usman, hails from Bafai-Kanai. He is a professor of law and lectures at the Faculty of Law, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other law books by the author include: The Law and Practice of Equity and Trust, Environmental Protection Law and Practice, Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry: Institutions, Issues, Law and Policy.

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