Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry: Institutions, Issues, Law and Policy

Though predominantly on oil and gas law, this is nonetheless a veritable Reference Book on the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. It places before everyone interested in the oil and gas industry basic and critical oil and gas issues not in common circulation in existing texts on the subject.

The book is arranged in such a chronological order, like reference books and dictionaries tend to be, that a lay person going through it would know how oil is explored and found, how oilfields onshore and offshore are mapped, how oil blocs are bided for, how oil is drilled, including associated gas deposits, among others. The transportation of oil and gas, storage of oil and gas, refining of oil and processing of gas, marketing of oil and gas, the impact of oil and gas exploration, production and revenues on the Nigerian environment, politics and economy and a myriad of other issues are comprehensively covered.

The book should prove most useful to the lawyer, petroleum geologist, petroleum engineer, policy makers, investors, local and international developmental agencies and bodies, lecturers and students specializing in wide ranging subjects as economics, development studies, engineering, management, public administration, insurance, marketing, accounting, and finance.

PART A: Oil and Gas Policy, Regulatory and Operational Institutions- Policy and Regulatory Institutions- Operational Institutions- International and indigenous Oil and Gas Corporations – PART B: Upstream Oil and Gas Issues, Law and Policy – Discovery, Uses and Importance of Oil and Gas in Nigeria – Surveys for Oil and Gas and Mapping of Oil and Gas Blocs – Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Engineering, Naming and Designation of Oil Fields, Wells and Discovery Reports – Oil Exploration, Oil Prospecting and Oil Mining – Drilling and Production of Oil – Gas Gathering and Processing – Storage of Oil and Gas – Transportation of Crude Oil and Gas – Risks and Expenses of Oil and Gas Operations and the Guarantees Needed For Oil and Gas Operations – Ownership of Oil and Gas – PART C: Prototype Oil and Gas Contracts – The Concession – Joint Venture and Joint Operating Agreements- Production Sharing Contracts – Service Contract – FPSO Charter Contract – Crude Oil Term Sale Contract – Fiscal Incentives and Returns on Oil and Gas – Stability of Oil and Gas Investment Contracts and Protection of Foreign Investment – Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility of Oil and Gas Corporation – PART D: Downstream Oil and Gas Issues, Law and Policy – Refining of Petroleum and Processing of Gas – Marketing of Refined Petroleum and Gas – Transportation of Refined Petroleum and Processed Gas – Exportation of Crude Oil and Gas – Importation of Refined Oil and Processed Gas – PART E: Economic, Political, Environmental and Social Impacts of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry – Economic and Political Impact of the Oil and Gas Industry- Environmental and Social Impacts of Oil and Gas Industry on Host Communities – Topical Issues in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Adamu Kyuka Usman, hails from Bafai-Kanai. He is a professor of law and lectures at the Faculty of Law, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other law books by the author include: Theory and Practice of International Economic Law, Environmental Protection Law and Practice, and The Law and Practice of Equity and Trust.

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