Evans New Effective English Course for SSS Book 1


New Effective English Course for Senior Secondary Schools Books 1 – 3 is a series well tailored in line with new NERDC curriculum. The series simplifies the teaching and learning process of the English language and soothes away the problematic areas students fidget with. We cannot deny the fact that the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

The series comprehensively addresses the plight of students with these distinctive features:

i. It entirely covers the thematic concerns of the curriculum – Spoken English, Vocabulary Development, Listening and Reading

Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing for Communication – for students to gain mastery of the language in examination situations.

ii. It promotes and enhances the language skills for students to be proficient in using the English language for various communicative functions.

iii. The comprehension passages cover various fields of knowledge that widen the coast of students and take their cognitive development to the next level.

iv. The series explains some difficult areas in the English language – syllable, stress, intonation, etc. – in a way that students develop keen interest in them.

v. It has a lot of graded activities and exercises to ensure that the teaching and learning process is a huge success.

vi. It is beautifully designed with relevant colourful illustrations that reinforce the lessons taught.

vii. Sound teachings and relevant examples on writing for communication are a major boost to students’ communicative competence.

viii. It adds value to the efforts of the teacher and complements the undying aspiration of parents to see their children climb the ladder of prominence in life.

ix. The series is put together by professional classroom teachers and seasoned university lecturers whose practical experience in the language knows no bounds.

Wouldn’t you rather go for the best? The series is a sure bet to passing English language examinations with flying colours.