Evans Information Technology Primary Book 3


Evans Information Technology for Primary Schools Books 1-6 are revised in compliance with the newly revised 9-year Basic Education curriculum.
This series is designed to make the learning of Information Technology very interesting, captivating and relevant to pupils at the primary school level. The approach adopted in the presentation of facts in the series makes teaching and learning easy and effective. Some of these approaches include the following:
•Each book in the series is qualitatively designed, using explanations in clear and simple language, with highly colourful and descriptive diagrams and pictures.
•Illustrative examples and explanations are drawn from pupils’ environment and things they hear on the radio or see on the TV.
•Interesting activities are included in the series for pupils to perform and discover facts by themselves in order to challenge their thought process and arouse a higher order of thinking with their minds.
•The series enables pupils to learn at a steady pace as they explore the fascinating world of computers.
•There is a smooth progression from one year to another, such that no detail is left uncovered.
•Each chapter of the books in the series has a summary at the end to help pupils in revision.
•The Pupil’s Book has a Workbook which contains relevant exercises that cover every chapter.
•The series also has a Teacher’s Guide that helps teachers in preparing adequately for their lessons.
•The authors comprise teachers of Information Technology who have decades of experience in teaching the subject at various educational levels.