Evans Modular Social Studies Primary 5


Evans Social Studies Books 1-6 is a series revised in line with the new NERDC 9-year Basic Education Curriculum for primary schools. The books are designed with these outstanding features:
•The themes centre on the study of man and his relationship with the society at large.
•The contents are set mainly to encourage pupils with the concept of interaction with others and with their physical and social environments.
•Pupils’ comprehension of the topics treated therein is tested through a set of revision questions.
•At the end of each module, a set of revision exercises with answers are provided to aid pupils’ self-evaluation.
•Copious, brightly illustrated and relevant illustrations are utilised to create a mental picture of the facts and the lessons learnt. Also, these illustrations arouse and captivate the interest of pupils to read the text.
•The series is written in clear and simple language by seasoned educationists who are specialists in their fields of study.
•Workbooks are provided for each book in the series to facilitate teacher’s evaluation of the teaching-learning outcomes at the end of each module.
•Teachers’ Guides are also provided for the series to assist the teacher in preparing his or lessons, thereby enhancing the outcomes of the teaching-learning process.