Modular Primary Science and Technology Book 5


Evans Modular Primary Science and Technology series is the newly revised edition of the old Modular Basic Science and Technology series. This new series is in complete compliance with the new NERDC 9–Year Basic Education Curriculum and is structured with lots of child-friendly and knowledge-imparting features such as:

  • highly colourful and attractive drawings and photographs to buttress explanations under each topic; copious do-it-yourself activities to boost pupils’ understanding of science and technology;
  • use of simple English to enhance pupils’ understanding of the subject matter; demarcation of sections in each chapter with distinct colours for easy study flow within the chapter;
  • revision questions at the end of each chapter to test pupils’ understanding of what they have learnt in each chapter; and provision of workbooks to assist teachers evaluate pupils’ understanding of the subject matter.

The outstanding features above and many more have no doubt made both teachers and pupils to take delight in the series, thereby making teaching and learning as simple as ABC!