Modular English Course for Primary Book 3


Evans Modular English Course for Primary Schools Books 1 – 6 have been carefully restructured and rewritten to fully meet the demands of the new NERDC 9–year Basic Education Curriculum. Though the principal focus of this series is to develop the reading and communication abilities of pupils, we have also used the opportunity to inform and educate pupils on contemporary national and international issues. Special innovations have also been adopted to capture and retain pupils’ attention and interest.
The series is written out of the rich experience of seasoned authors, and has the following to make it a delight for pupils:
•Colourful, exciting and creative illustrations to attract and arrest the attention and interest of pupils.
•Certain basic rudiments of learning and teaching of a second language, such as: identification of objects, production of basic sounds in words and pronunciation of letters of the alphabet, have been considered.
•From the entrance of pupils into the formal English Language classes, emphasis is placed on listening and speaking using interesting songs, poems, and dialogue between teachers and pupils and among pupils.
•The teaching-learning approach adopted in this series is highly practice-oriented with numerous reading and writing activities for pupils. This will reinforce what they have learnt and enhance assimilation.
•Maximum focus is given to the teaching and learning of the four basic themes of
English Studies at the Primary level – Reading, Listening and Speaking, Grammar, and Writing.
•These themes are developed using contemporary national issues like Road Safety, HIV/AIDS, National Values and international issues such as: Global Warming, Peace Education and others which will broaden the knowledge and horizons of pupils beyond their immediate environments.
•Effectiveness of the teaching – learning process is enhanced with the inclusion of the footnote – Teacher’s corner – in almost every page. This innovation will effectively enhance and direct the teachers’ handling of every lesson for maximum understanding and assimilation by pupils.
•Each book in the series has a Workbook which is specifically designed to fully evaluate the teaching and learning activities in each module and helps teachers monitor the progress of individual pupil.
•The series is complemented with Teacher’s Guide which helps teachers prepare their lessons and achieve effective teaching in the classroom.