Muhammadu Buhari: The Spirit of a Man

Written in an unconventional style, the book raises a quintessential picture of patriotism and integrity in national service in a land where indiscipline and corruption command the common allegiance of the lords of the manor. It is recommended for all stakeholders in the Nigerian State — Prof. K.S. Chukkol

The book identifies the elites and foreign economic interests as the springs of Nigeria’s political delinquency and economic misery. By the Buhari example of patriotism, moral rectitude and commitment to economic independence, it points at the only way to economic independence and development of Nigeria — Dr. O. Ode Unique.

The book celebrates the virtues of patriotism, discipline and honesty in governance through allegories of the sun and the wind, the locusts and the locust bird, the tortoise and the honey bear… lt is a must read for anyone interested in a developing country —J.l. Peter

Its moral is loud enough: the immortality of a leader is guaranteed more by the houses he built in the hearts of the people than the castles of his tyranny — The Globe

This is a rare exhibition of talent in the eulogy of that worthy of our admiration and allegiance — Dr. Baba Audu.

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