The Lord Mammon

Gojang is a pastor that prefers mammon to Christ. Josira is a lady of easy virtue to whom work is an enemy. The Prince is an armed-robber with a rare vision that will change the destiny of all men on earth. Money, which the Prince calls the Lord Mammon and the common friend leads the paths of these disparate people into the halls of deception, intrigues and shame, and the cults of Satanism bestiality and death.

Born 24th Sept. 1965, Kyuka Lilymjok hails from Bafai-Kanai. He is a professor of law and lectures at the faculty of law Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other published novels of the author include: The Butcher’s Wife, The Death of Eternity, The Village Tradesman, and The Heart of Jacob.

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