My Headmaster

A pupil of a primary school in a backwater African village tells the story of his enigmatic and inspiring headmaster with verve and touching simplicity. From the headmaster’s refined manners and cultivated appearance to his father-figure image that inspires discipline in his pupils, Bamai the protagonist of this moving story full of homespun wisdom, living anecdotes and pastoral allegories, provokes a nostalgia and reminiscence of a lost past and innocence we all strive to regain – a lost past and innocence this epic tale gives an opportunity to live again.

Born 24th Sept. 1965, Kyuka Lilymjok hails from Bafai-Kanai. He is a professor of law and lectures at the Faculty of Law Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other published novels of the author include: The Mad Professor of Zwigwi, Farewell to Peace, Broke, and The Fall of Heaven.

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