Looting of public wealth by politicians who behave like headhunters that have felled an elephant creates sieges in Bivan’s house from which neither ruler nor ruled, rich nor poor can hope to escape alive or even remain sane! Both God and the Devil are suspects as the welfare of society falls to ruins on the streets… A drunk sings a song that opens the eyes of a political thug to the absurdity of his condition: Looters are plundering his inheritance while he fights beggars over alms… Riots break loose on the streets leaving a trail of blood and death in their wake… A new power equation emerges in which Jamimi a patriotic political leader finds himself in a rain dance with demons that play tunes of hell on their flutes

Born 24th Sept. 1965, Kyuka Lilymjok hails from Bafai-Kanai. He is a professor of law and lectures at the Faculty of Law Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other published novels of the author include: Lost to the Wind, Hope in Anarchy, and The Death of Eternity.

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