Evans Francais Fondamental Primary 4


Evans Francais Fondamental is a primary school series designed to meet the educational goals of the pupil-oriented curriculum of governments as well as the socio-cultural milieu of West African countries.
Written by a seasoned author who has run the gamut of our educational system, with special interest in French at the basic level or the primary school level, the series is designed to satisfy the second language requirements for teaching and learning French. It is also written in conformity with the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) approved curriculum guidelines for Basic Education.
Books 4–6 introduce pupils to the rudiments or the fundamentals of French through the copious use of pictures and other illustrations. The pictures are self explanatory; this helps in the fixation not only of the pictures but also of the wordings, the actions and the expressions indelibly in the mind of pupils.
Another distinctive feature of the series is that common or simple vocabulary items, phrases and expressions are treated first before the complex or uncommon ones.
Taking cognisance of all these interesting and innovative features employed in the series, it is certain that pupils would pick an abiding or intrinsic interest in French that will be sustained throughout life.