Evans Islamic and Religious Studies for SSS 2


EVANS/NERDC Islamic Studies for Senior Secondary Schools Books 1-3 are written in line with the current NERDC Senior Secondary Schools curriculum. The series aims at teaching and imparting to students the basic and in-depth beliefs, practices and injunctions of the Holy Qur’ân and Hadîth.

The series has the following outstanding features:

*Explicit narration of Suwar with English translation and useful hints for learning and memorisation.

*The series imparts basic Islamic knowledge such as Sunnah, Tarîkh (Islamic History), Âdâb (Islamic Ethics) and Tawhîd (Islamic Monotheism).

*It teaches students about aspects of their interpersonal and day-to-day activities such as An- Nikâh and Islamic economy.

*Revision questions to reinforce the lessons taught and provision of answers for students’ selfassessment.

*The series is uniquely put together by seasoned Muslim scholars and clerics.