Nelson Basic Physical and Health Education for JSS 1


Nelson Basic Physical and Health Education for JSS 1-3 is a series that treats the major concepts of Physical and Health Education and fully meets the requirements of the NERDC 9-year Basic Education Curriculum.
The following features make the series outstanding:
·The series is written in a simple and precise language for easy understanding and assimilation of the topics discussed.
·Practical physical activities such as games, athletics and sports are taught in a step-by-step manner with important coaching tips and relevant well-illustrated diagrams to make learning easy, interesting, and effective.
·The safety measures to be observed in every exercise are clearly explained.
·Health Education is brought home to students by teaching them
the basic personal and environmental hygiene with examples and benefits of healthy living.
·Examples and illustrations of physical and health issues are drawn from students’ environments and their experiences in their day-to-day lives.
·Multiple choice questions, structured questions and essay questions are provided at the end of each chapter to aid students’ self-assessment and revision.
·Each chapter is provided with a summary for a quick revision of the essential facts.
·This series is supported with Teacher’s Guides to assist teachers in preparing their lessons for effective teaching.
·Each book has a Workbook for teachers to evaluate the teaching learning outcome at the end of each chapter.
·It is written by seasoned Physical and Health Education experts who have painstakingly treated each topic in a way that students will understand.