Evans Civic & Security Education Primary 1


Evans Civic and Security Education for Primary 1 – 6 is a series that is newly developed in line with the latest NERDC curriculum for the 9-year Basic Education Programme in Nigeria. The team of very experienced authors who wrote the series have applied the following features and strategies in writing the series:
•Orientation of pupils to be responsible citizens.
•Use of simple language that pupils will easily understand.
•Use of relevant illustrations that pupils can easily identify with in their local environments.
•Use of numerous and varied examples of life experiences and events from pupils’ environment to drive home the reorientation agenda of the series.
•Summaries are included at the end of each chapter to enhance revision and retention of the facts learnt.
•Numerous multiple choice questions, structured questions and essay questions are given at the end of each chapter with answers for effective self-evaluation.
•The series contains Workbooks which help to facilitate teacher evaluation of the teaching/learning outcomes at the end of each module.
•Teachers are also provided with Teacher’s Guide to assist them in preparing their lessons and to achieve teaching objectives. In all, the series adequately prepares pupils for success in their
•Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination and for successful living in the society.