Modular History Pry Book 1


Evans Modular History Books 1-6 are written in full compliance with the new Basic Education Curriculum developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). They strictly follow the objectives, the contents and the activities in the new primary school history curriculum.

The Books are beautifully illustrated. The Illustrations are instructive and appealing with aesthetics and utility qualities. They are produced in bright and attractive colours to arouse the interest of the pupils.

It is significant that the book tell, construct and reconstruct the history of Nigeria, touching on the family, the community, our heroes and heroines, the past and the present, as well as the trajectories and the travails of political, social, cultural and economic developments in the Nigeria state. Also, the pupils are exposed to the benefits the crude oil and the growth of industries have brought to the country.

Each book in this series is designed to cover one year’s work in the primary school, and it is respectively very detailed. At the end of every ninth module, there are questions set to test the pupils’s comprehension about the topics for knowledge evaluation.